View Full Version : Customization and balance

Spin Grim
08-10-2004, 09:29 AM
I am planning to customize a racquet by putting lead tape at 3 and 9. The racquet is 9 points HL.
Adding the weight will affect balance and would like to know how.
Would the racquet become more head heavy? If so, the 9 points HL would become 7 points HL.
Is there a formula to determine this.
Lets say I would put 10 grams in total at 3 and 9.
In addition, how much would the swing weight increase.


Gaines Hillix
08-10-2004, 09:35 AM
Spin Grim, the racquet will become less head light or head heavy, depending on how much weight you add. You need a balance board to determine this. It can't be calculated. You can calculate the increase in swingweight with the formula;


Where W = increase in swingweight, M=the weight added in grams, D=distance from the butt end of the frame to the center point of the weight in CMs minus 10, squared.