View Full Version : how to enter tournaments

11-16-2006, 01:44 PM
How do I find tournaments in my area? Thanks

11-16-2006, 03:12 PM
Well.. if you live in the US, there is USTA, but if you live outside of the US, I don't know.

11-16-2006, 04:41 PM
go to usta.com, click on tennislink, go to tournaments and fill out the search form.

05-25-2007, 05:54 PM
there are two ways:

1. go on the homepage on the internet, and you can sign on-line, tennislink
2. or you can send in the application to the site

i do no.1 more often...but some tournaments you have to send in the application...for no.2 mail can get lost, but no.1, it goes on directly...youj dont have to w0RRy