View Full Version : Redondo 98 vs. FXP Prestige MP

11-16-2006, 06:34 PM
Could someone who has played with both of these rackets please compare the two. I've looked at the thread comparing the PT 280 to the Redondo but from my experience the FXP prestige MP plays quite different than the PT 280. I'm mainly interested in the feel and control of the rackets, not so much power. Also, which one would you personally choose and why.

basil J
11-17-2006, 08:42 AM
I play tested both and found the redondo to be more forgiving and lower powered than the FP prestige.Both are solid racquets, but i felt that the redondo was better overall than the head.

11-17-2006, 09:21 AM
I think flex is a major difference here. I've never used a Redondo but my Prestige MP is a beast. It's powerful, crips, and solid hitting.

The Prestige is more head heavy and stiff than the Redondo. This can account for the added power. I've never used a Redondo but I can't see this being a better serving stick than the Prestige. And since the Prestige is a killer volleying stick the Redondo would have to be great to beat it in that category.

11-17-2006, 04:34 PM
what both said is true so just get a PT280, I have a redondo MP if you like if you insist

11-17-2006, 04:47 PM
I have played with both the Redondo MP and the FXP Prestige MP and they are two very different racquets. The only thing I think they have in common is the SW. Here is a brief comparison:

Groundstrokes: For me, the FXP Prestige has an advantage when it comes to power and the Redondo has the advantage when it comes to feel but other than that, they both hit good balls. The Prestige produces the heavier ball with less effort which tells you that the Redondo is a lower powered racquet. I would say the Prestige's stiffness makes it better at blocking back hard hit balls with more control. Edge: Even

Volleys: Definite advantage to the FXP Prestige. Because of its stiffness, the Prestige does a better job at handling a hard hit ball without feeling like you are being pushed around. The Redondo is no slouch at the net which means the Prestige is one of the best racquets around when it comes to net play (IMO). Edge: FXP Prestige

Serves: Like the groundies, this one is hard because I think the Prestige hits a harder ball while the Redondo (with the right swing) can produce some nasty kick serves. If it was legal to play with two racquets at once, I would use the Prestige on my first serves and the Redondo on my second serves. Edge: Even

Intangibles: When I think about intangibles with tennis racquets, I think about things like...the grip, ease of modifications, and ease of stringing (I string my own sticks). I personally think the grip shape of the Redondo feels great on OHBH. I also think it is very easy to mod. Because it doesn't have any gimmicky technology, it is nothing to add strips of lead to anywhere on the racquet. Also, the quality of the leather grip is above average. Lastly, stringing the Prestige can be a b*tch when compared to the Redondo. Edge: Redondo

I hope this short but sweet review helps. In case you are interested, I just sold one of my Redondo MPs and have an offer for the other. I've decided to play the Redondo Mid and I love it. Anyway, have a great weekend!!!

11-17-2006, 05:03 PM
I thought the Redondo was much better. The Prestige was only good for volleys. I couldn't get any spin on my groundstrokes or serve with the Prestige. I also could not stand how stiff the Prestige felt. The Redondo was much softer and therefore much more comfortable. However, I went with a DNX 10 MP, which was much better than either of those. But between the Prestige and the Redondo I'd definitely choose the Redondo.