View Full Version : redundo vs prestige.

11-18-2006, 10:57 AM
Title says it all. I am considering getting a new prestige 600 but could go with something cheaper. The rudundo looks like a prestige I would like to know how closely they feel and play. I am refering, of course, to the current prestiges available at tw. I know I could look it up but I'd like to know what people now think. I am sure there are new people and some other threads I've seen got to long with useless unrelated stuff. Any help would be appreciated.

11-18-2006, 01:01 PM
The Kennex Redondo has more feel and flex than the Prestige line of frames. I have demoed the LiquidMetal, Flexpoint, and Classic Prestiges and they are good control frames but feel kind of tingy and not as solid as the Redondo.

11-18-2006, 02:51 PM
Can that be true? I thought the Classic mid was great? Did you have tension too high? One thing I found out about Classic prestiges is that the heavier you make them the better they play and feel.

I had a couple of lm prestiges and have to say I agree with you about that. I hated the liquid metal versions. I thing they are really stiff and lack feel. Haven't tried the flexpoints or the "I" prestige.

11-18-2006, 02:54 PM
They definitely have different feel. The FXP Prestige is noticeably stiffer than Redondo but I find the latter much more muted. Not as muted as the O3 Tour but enough to make me choose the Prestige instead as a primary racquet.

11-20-2006, 07:17 AM
You also save $40 per frame with the Redondo.

11-20-2006, 07:24 AM
I have and also played the PC600 but I feel the Redondo is a more "versatile" racket.

Sure they feel different at play. Redondo's lighter and less thuddy; has a very broad tension range, so be careful with your string and tension. Can customize easily with little weights.

Yeah, "more versatile" is the most concise comparison I can think of.

11-20-2006, 07:36 AM
This is quite contrary to what everyone has experienced but my one HBH has come alive with the pc600. I don't know where all these shots were hiding all these days but I must say that the redondo didn't bring out those shots. Even amongst the prestige line, I like only the pc600, the lm prestige was too heavy to swing and the i.prestige didn't do it for me. I'd say that if you have the cash, go for the pc 600, otherwise settle with the redondo, which is not too far from it in terms of quality.