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11-24-2006, 04:21 PM
I received my DNX 10 MP this week. This is the first racquet I've purchased since I bought a Wilson Hammer 6.2 in college. That Wilson was the only nice racquet I've ever used. Everything else was the el-cheapo racquets you'd buy at Wal-Mart. I only play three or four times a month and have only been doing that for the past year or so. I guess I'm a 3.0 - 3.5 player. 3.0 is probably the safe bet. ;)

The Volkl is a good-looking racquet and has a solid feel. It' feels lighter than my Hammer, but I have no idea if it really is. I bought the Volkl solely off of reviews and had never demoed it, but I was pleased with the appearance and feel.

The first thing I noticed today was how nice the grip was. I don't remember my Hammer's original grip, but the replacement Wilson grips didn't offer the great feel and sweat-proof grip of the Volkl grip. When I have to replace it I'm sure I'll stick with Volkl grips.

My power serves were no different with the Volkl. They still rarely drop in, but that's not the racquet's fault. Kick and slice serves were noticeably more accurate. In the past I'd usually have at least one serve that hit the fat frame of my Hammer and go flying off at an embarrassing angle. The Volkl has a much thinner frame and my serves never had that same "oops" result.

Serve returns were out of this world. I was able to quickly whip my racquet around and not only hit my partner's best serves, but make very accurate returns. I had a great amount of confidence in my ability to kill my opponent's serves with this racquet. The Hammer felt much clumsier in this regard.

The sweet spot of the Volkl seemed to be a tad bit smaller than in my Hammer. When I hit it dead on it rewarded me with a solid "thud" that made the DNX feel like a big-time racquet. But when I hit it outside of the sweet spot I was still able to keep control of the shot. So even though the sweet spot was smaller, missing the sweet spot was not as punishing as it was with the Hammer. The Volkl didn't twist in my hand nearly as much.

I was a little disappointed in the vibration control of the Volkl. The racquet didn't vibrate as much as my cheap $40 Pro Kennex, but the Wilson seemed to do a better job of preventing the vibrations from reaching my elbow. To be fair, I have tendinitis in my serving elbow and it was really flaring up after some ill-advised football throwing after Thanksgiving dinner. I might not notice the vibration so much the next time I play. Still, the vibration was far from bad, just a bit more noticeable with the DNX.

I'm afraid I don't have enough netplay experience to know which racquet is better. I had some good net exchanges, but it's not something I do enough to have an opinion.

Volley's were improved with the DNX for the sole reason that the racquet never seemed to twist in my hand. Maybe it's the grip. I don't know, but it was a nice change.

I have no idea if I picked the best racquet for me as I didn't try any of the others on my list. I'd love to demo a bunch of racquets, but since my friends and I only get to play once a week I'd hate to order a bunch of demos and have it rain on my tennis day. I chose the DNX 10 solely on what I read in the customer reviews and I'm very pleased with my choice. While it's not going to make me a 4.0 player overnight, I can already see that it's helping my accuracy, which was my weakness. I've got plenty of power, but that means very little when every point ends with me hitting five feet past the base line.

There is a downside to joining this forum. Every time I join a forum that talks about products I like I end up spending all my money. I can see me buying three or four more racquets next year. It's going to be sad when I do this and my partner continues to beat me with his $79 Prince. :smile:

11-24-2006, 04:26 PM
Welcome to the Talk Tennis forum! Very good review and an awesome first post!

11-24-2006, 04:51 PM
Welcome to the board, McNutt!

11-24-2006, 05:03 PM
I have and love this racket. Good luck.

11-24-2006, 05:23 PM
Nice post and welcome.

What string and tension are you using? Dense stringbedded frames most usually have smaller sweetspots than more open stringbeds. Tighter tensions generally reduce the sweetspot size..ditto for poly strings

11-24-2006, 05:36 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I wish I could tell you my string type, but I can't remember what I ordered. It was on the cheaper end, if I remember correctly.

edit - Just checked my invoice.

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 string @55lbs

11-24-2006, 05:44 PM
Welcome, mate!

Volkl is a nice racket if you know what you're doing with it. "Always be prepared" should be your motto playing a Volkl.

The down side is it's expensive where I am. (And I bit the bullet to own one.;) )

Edit: Let me add a little here. Yes, joining a forum could result in bank account injuries. :mrgreen:

11-24-2006, 07:13 PM
Welcome to the forum, McNutt!

I own quite a number of Volkls myself and must say that I've never been disappointed with them.

My recent acquisitions based on reviews on this forum were 2 Dunlop M-Fil 300s .... and there's a third one on the way! ;)

11-24-2006, 10:18 PM
Welcom to TT, McNutt

11-25-2006, 05:02 AM

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 string @55lbs

Welcome as well!

Your string choice may account for some, if not all, of the discomfort. If you want a nice cheap string that is comfortable, try Alpha Gut 2000 in a 16 gauge. If you want a really comfortable string try Volkl PowerFibre or Tecnifibre NRG or LaserFibre Phenom. You'd need to up the tension by about 3 pounds, but all in all polys aren't known for comfort.

I've been playing with Volkl for quite some time and love them.