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11-26-2006, 09:16 PM
Hi, I have been playing with Warrior MP for about four years and I was thinking of trying some other frames out. I tried the Chang Longbody that I have played with before using TT Warrior but couldn't play with it (perhaps the length difference). Trying to stick with Prince, I was looking at POG, both MP and OS, since (most) everyone says it's a fantastic stick.

Has anyone ever played with Warrior (MP and/or OS) and POG (MP and/or OS)? If so, how do they compare, and what do you suggest? (I'm worried about the POG frame feeling too 'thin' for me).

Should I get POG longbody and cut it to 27.5 ~ 27.25?

I am around 4.5 and have a eastern-semiwestern forehand and two-handed backhand if that is a factor.

Any comments regarding questions above would be great.

Thanks for taking the time.

11-26-2006, 11:12 PM

I'm currently playing with the POG mid and trialling the TT Warrior MP (have also used the POG OS) so I might be of some help to you.

The one area I would consider the Warrior MP to outshine the POG mid/mp is at the net. As the TW review states, the Warrior has a natural affinity for net play and seems very well weighted in that regard. I can volley very well with the POG mid, however, there are few racquets that can match the Warrior in that department. So, if doubles or serve-volley is your game then the Warrior might be the better choice.

On groundstrokes, the slightly larger headsize and lighter weight of the Warrior MP does make it easier to swing fast and be aggressive on returns. However, it lacks the overall weight of the POG mid/mp and, as a result, I feel that while I might hit a 'faster' ball, I don't hit a 'heavier' one.

Both make it very easy to generate spin and, although the Warrior MP lacks the POG's extra weight, the lighter weight of the Warrior makes it easier to generate racquet head speed which aids in creating spin. I do find that the POG hits a more penetrating 'flat' shot and that is, not doubt, due to the extra weight. On flat shots I've found the Warrior to lack some mass in the upper hoop although you could, no doubt, add some weight to overcome that (I play all my racquets stock). The 'up-side' for the Warrior MP is that you can generate a lot of bite on slice shots and that just seems to pull you towards the net where it excels.

Comfort-wise I have found the POG mid to be a lot easier on my arm, regardless of the string used, than the Warrior MP. That could be, in part, due to the extra weight of the POG, the extra stiffness of the Warrior or the more head light balance of the POG (all things which seem to make a difference to me). Regardless of which is the main factor, I have had no arm/wrist/shoulder problems with the POG mid/mp but have found the TT Warrior MP requires a softer string to give me the same degree of comfort.

I find control to be excellent in both racquets but the POG mid/mp does win out there.

Overheads are easier with the Warrior MP, however, I find I can generate more power on serve with the POG mid/mp and a much heavier, 'nastier' type of spin. While the Warrior MP doesn't deliver as much power (for me) it is very easy to generate spin and control is very good. Either way, I can be offensive on serve and be confident of hitting my mark.

So far I don't think I've logged enough time with both racquets to make a firm decision between the two. Each one does most everything I could ask and I have little trouble in playing excellent tennis with either frame. Comfort is a major issue for me as I have had a bit of trouble with my forearm of late so, if I was to stick with the Warrior MP it would need to prove as arm-friendly as the POG. Currently it, the Warrior MP, doesn't but I will be testing it with a multi and a 16g synthetic to see if I can soften the response a touch. Mishits, which you might worry about when using a mid, have been of no trouble to me although, shifting down in size, you should expect a bit of adjustment time.

For the record, my TT Warrior MP is measured as on spec with the TW listing (11.3oz, 5pts HL, 325 swingweight) and my POG mid/mp is 12oz, 8pts HL but with a 315 swingweight. That sub 320 swingweight, combined with the 8pts HL balance, makes my POG mid/mp swing no heavier than the Warrior MP. You can feel the slightly lower weight of the Warrior but, in play, the POG is whippier and equally manoeuvrable.

11-30-2006, 02:30 AM
Andrew D,

Thanks for your input. Many people that I hit with who have tried my racquet - Warrior MP - say that it is indeed spin-friendly, and perhaps too spin friendly. I often have trouble hitting a heavy shots or winners with Warrior, and found other racquets that I demoed from time to time, including the new O3 hybrid tour, easier to hit 'flat' and 'heavy'.

After reading your opinion it occurs to me that the reason that I may have trouble with playing with the Warrior is that I took off the lead on my racquets. (I used to have the racquet almost at even balance). I took it off to make it easier on my arms to play for a long time, but maybe that's what has been the cause that has bothered my game.

Thanks for your input. Now I know that if tweaking with my Warrior doesn't work out, I can always go to POG without too much worries.