View Full Version : VOTE: help me choose---> Yonex RDS 003 VS. Babolat Pure Drive plus cortex.

12-04-2006, 09:06 PM
me: im 'guessing' about 3.0-4.0 player, male, early 20's , 195lbs, 5' 11'', average/athletic build. primarily baseline game, open stance, semi-western forehand, , 2hbh. been playing since 10 years old, played #1 singles in highschool, now just play about 2 times a week.

i currently hit w/ a Prince TT graphite/NXG graphite. great frames, but i was almost always fatigued after serving for a good set. on groundstrokes, i also feel that i had to 'go all out' to hit with good pace consistently. this racquet may be out of my league so to say.

So, thus i am currently scheduled to demo these 2 racquets (RDS 003 and Babolat PD+ cortex mp) The specs on these two racquets are very similar...

please vote and give me your reasons! thanks :)

12-04-2006, 09:43 PM
With the Babolat you will have to keep up the rackethead speed. It is also a mush stiffer frame, so I think that you will enjoy the Yonex a little more, especially once you get into second and third sets of your matches. I hits with this rackets on regular basis and find the Yonex to be a little more forgiving when you're not giving it all you got. At the same time the RDS supplies you with a geart deal of control when you swing faster.

My opinion - RDS003

But, to make it more interesting I'd suggest you'd try Fischer Pro#1 FT instead of the Babolat. Read the reviews on that frame and give it a try. Good luck.