View Full Version : Mini Wilson Enduro Tour Review

03-09-2004, 04:58 AM
Ease of Stringing - Easier to string than BB ALU but not as easy as say Sensation or other multifilaments. Interesting quirk - Due to strings color it tends to fluoresce a bit under fluorescent light so weaving crosses on a tightly patterned racquet like my ROK can be a bit weird. I thought at times I'd gone crosseyed :shock:

Playability - took about three hitting sessions to settle in. I had purchased the racquet off these boards and when I cut out the string it came with (Bab Bolistic) I noticed that it had been strung incorrectly. Boy did new strings + correct pattern = different racquet. :shock: The feel was completely different. I do like the string. It plays much softer than BB ALU, pretty good pop and excellent control. Spin potential is excellent. IMHO its with a try if you're looking for a durable thinner gauge or looking for something to hybrid with

About me SV/attacking all courter, ROK with 3g at 6 and 9 and 6g on the handle (Approx 12.25 oz total weight) Enduro Tour @ 55

03-14-2004, 10:26 AM
Which guage was it? How does it compare stiffness wise to a normal poly? Have you tried going higher in tension?