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08-17-2004, 12:28 PM
can anyone tell me how this racquet plays?

there isnt very much feedback on it and I was wondering how it is on spin, serves and groundstrokes

08-18-2004, 12:56 AM
Gonna sound weird... to me... it plays like a lighter 200G hotmelt, but much more forgiving and a bit less feel. I felt encouraged to be a bit more freeswinging with the racquet than the 200G HM.

It's still heavier than a 300G and doesn't really play like a 300G. My shots, personally, were much flatter with the 200GXL than they were witht he 300G. However, with a lighter swing (like a deflecting return of serve), I could hit more penetrating shots than I do with my 300G. I hit similar shots with the 200G HM on deflect returns as well.

What's weird to me is that the 200G XL does seem like something between a 200G HM and a 300G HM, and maybe too much so. For sure, when I want to hit most of the shots I hit with that racquet, I'd prefer to use a 200G. When I want to use a lighter racquet and be a bit more freeswinging, I prefer to use a 300G. But a friend of mine has really grown to love that XL. But the XL has a lot of stability for a lighter racquet.

Another sidenote... I actually modded one of my 300Gs to play similar (not exactly) to a 200G XL. I basically added a lot of leadtape to the head at around 3 and 9 o'clock, mostly centered, but with extensions going up north (so basically reaching out to like 12:45 and 11:15) to allow a bigger sweetspot, but still being mostly focused on stability. I even let my friend use the mod for a few sets when the strings on his XL broke, and the adjustment was almost immediate and he did comment that he was surprised the 300G played close to the XL (I then explained the mod to him). Obviously though, my mod would be quite head heavy and therefore have a totally different balance than the XL (this would probably be very obvious at net). I didn't add weight to the handle because I actually did want the mod to play head heavy.

I would say that the 200G XL is worth demoing if you're looking for something that actually plays similar to a players racquet, in a light form. If the 300G was intended to be a lighter players racquet, the 200G XL would be right-ing all the wrongs of the 300G. The 300G is like a tweener racquet without power (yeah, sounds weird), it's sort of made for going all out with a bigger sweet spot (but its design comes at the expense of stability on mis-hits). The XL is, as far as I can tell, very much the lightweight players racquet, but with just enough heft to make it fairly stable (well... as stable as the 200G HM is... the MW is still way more stable than both imo). The XL has balance, light weight, but still "beefy" shots (lol).


Dennis Yeung
08-18-2004, 02:09 AM
Hi Chanchai,

Does it play as flexy as its RDC 56? Have you ever play with Pro Tour 280 or RD-7? Does it play as flexy as these two racquets?

Thanks, Dennis

08-18-2004, 01:57 PM
Sorry Dennis, I haven't played with those racquets. Thanks for bringing them up, I'll have to give them a try when/if I find them :)

My guess... is that if you're talking about flex... probably not? I feel that the 200GXL is a bit more flexible feeling (to me anyways) than the 300G and the 200G HM--but I still wouldn't say it's a "flexible racquet." It's just more forgiving and so it feels that way?

The hard part about demoing racquets is that it depends on how you were hitting the day you demo'd the racquet. Obviously. But for example, many people swear by the Wilson PS Rok and Prince Tour Diablo racquets. When I used those, maybe I just wasn't accustomed to the sweet spot because I felt like those racquets were killing my arm? And then I hear stuff like how flexible they are... and it just makes me wonder--was I just having bad days when I used them or was someone hitting away from my comfort contact zone?

But I can say that my experiences everytime I used the 200G XL was pretty good. Though the best ways for me to explain what I felt is to compare it to other racquets--closest ones being the other Dunlop models and maybe the Head i.Prestige (like a lighter and more forgiving i.Prestige).