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01-10-2007, 10:16 AM
I am currently playing with a Wilson Ncode Npro Open racquet with a 16x19 string pattern strung with Wilson NXT 17g at 55 lbs. I am noticing that I am generating a lot more topspin with this racquet and stringing set-up, and I feel like I am wrapping around the ball a lot more consistently.

Is this wrapping feeling I am getting attributed to my string, since Wilson NXT 17g has a lot of feel or is it due to the biting of the ball, or both? Is this wrapping due to the biting of the ball? If so, I would like to know your recommendations for the best ball "biters," if you wish.

If anyone has played with Wilson NXT 17g, can you tell me how it compares and plays against your personal setups? I know that SPPP and Cyberflash seem to be really popular strings, are these good potential ball biters?

Thanks guys. Appreciate it.