View Full Version : Signum Pro S-3000 Professional

01-15-2007, 06:39 AM
Anyone has this machine? Do you think it's worth USD 500? I'm in Europe and I can't buy from the States due to taxes/shipping. They say it requires very little maintenance. Apppreciate any advice. BTW, it will be my 1st stringing machine, if I buy it.

Made in Germany. This accurate, easy to use manual dropweight machine has the bonus of two high quality dual action swivel clamps. Extremely reliable, requiring low maintenance the S-3000 is an exceptional machine. Ideal for club stringers and tournament players.

Manual drop weight machine
Six point adjustable suspension support system
Four individually adjustable side support arms
Two weights, for tennis, squash and badminton
Two dual action swivel clamps
95% steel clamps with a processed finish - eliminating string damage
Linear string gripper
8 to 36kg tension range (18 to 80lbs)
5 year limited warranty
Easy to follow stringing manual supplied

01-15-2007, 01:11 PM
It's a shame you all in Europe have to pay more than us in the US...I stumbled on that brand a few year back and it seems fairly priced, but Pro's Pro now sells to Europe (find their listing on the big auction site) and their machines seem better priced...I would go with that instead.