View Full Version : "Don't Use Arm for Kick Serve"

08-24-2004, 06:05 AM
I have heard a lot about using your whole body for a serve and that you shouln't hit a serve, especially topspin, with just your arm. And considering I get more tired serving than hitting from the baseline, I would say I use my body well. My coach says I have a good motion and cannot see anything wrong with it. However, my elbow is killing me and I am not sure it is really typical tennis albow because it feels like it is the muscle(s) and not the tendon. I don't really understand how you can get the whipping motion needed for so much spin for a kick serve without consciously throwing your arm and elbow into it. The result of my motion is good, but how can I get the same result and motion but by not forcing my elbow into it. If I try to bend my elbow putting my wrist to my shoulder, it hurts and sometimes remains sore for up to 3 hours after hitting. I have been suggested taking it easy until my arm is used to the serve which it is by now, using the weight on a rope around a dowel, and even pushups to help the muscles in the elbow. None of this seems to touch the part of my elbow that hurts.Is there something, at least mental, I can do to help this?

08-24-2004, 05:20 PM
If there is soreness around the edge of the elbow (when you bend elbow, it would be sore around the area where bone sticks out). then it's not too unnatural. Try doing some tricep exercises.

By the way, you need to generate a lot of swing speed to get a good kick serve. It doesn't matter how much body you are using. You need to swing that frame to get a lot of spin

08-24-2004, 05:38 PM
Yes, I know I need to get a lot of racket head speed and using my arm is the only way I know to really accelerat the racket head which seems to be conflicting between some people's tips.
Also, what do you suggest as some tricep exercises that should help?