View Full Version : Used older racquets to sell or trade

01-16-2007, 10:12 PM
Prince Classic, green original oversize with original leather grip and head cover. $12

Yonex YY7500, gold/yellow aluminum frame from 70's. $12

Wilson T-2000, Jimmy Connors racquet. $12

Prince Graphite Viper oversize with new strings, new grip and new bumperguard, no cover. $25

Dunlop Dyna-Flex Series, Neutron oversize, new grip, good condition. $12

Slazenger Silhouette 95 midsize graphite, new strings & grip, great condition. $25

Pro Kennex Widebody Fusion graphite alloy composite, oversize, new grip, head cover. $15

Dunlop Power Aerodynamic Section Tour Plus, new grip, no cover. $15

Will trade for newer Dunlop racquets or strings or grips.

Contact Doug at doug@ccjta.com