View Full Version : Ashaway Crossfire/Kevlar

03-10-2004, 04:57 PM
I'm thinking about trying these on 17 and 18 gauge on a Pro Staff Zone. Any comments? What tension should I string the mains? I heard kevlar should be strung much lower than usual. Thanks.

03-10-2004, 05:28 PM
I have Crossfire 18ga on my PS 6.0 85. I like the tension high in the 60s. They come in hybrid with some type of synthetic gut on the crosses. I love the texture of kevlar, it really bite on the ball. I'm still in the experimental stage of string/tension since I just purchased a stringer. My next string job will be Luxilon TiMo 18g on the mains with Natural Gut on the crosses. I prefer the thinner strings because it gives you a lot more playablilty. Just keep you racquet at room temp until you play. That tends to majorly reduce my string breaking problem.

03-13-2004, 01:49 AM
Kevlar - especially Ashaway - does have great ball bite. But you've got to be very careful with the tension. High 60s - especially in a PS 85 - seems like suicide to me.

My advice is to pick a logical tension for the Kevlar mains - I'd say as close to 50 pounds as possible (Kevlar has no stretching properties at all, so 50 will feel like significantly more - and then string the crosses about 6 pounds tighter.

03-13-2004, 10:33 AM
You know Deuce, I've strung up two of my PS 85, one with the Kevlar 18 and the other with NRG2 18. After comparing them one week, I've realized I've been missing out on the gut-like string. :idea: So much more comfort, control and playability! I would play one set with NRC2 and the 2nd set with Kevlar. Half way through the 2nd set, I felt my arm aching like crazy :x

Just got some Bow Brand NG, luxilon TiMo 18, and BB 18. I love stringing them at high tension, because I want more control and I generate power of of my swing. I'm going to test these out when the strings on my current racquets break. Although, those Kevlar are going to stay for a loooong time, especially now that I prefer the NRG2. I might just have to cut them.