View Full Version : head pro tour 660s and ti pro tur = ti classic

02-09-2007, 12:36 AM
have 2 head pro tour 630 in 4 5/8 condition 8.0 on both one unstrung the other brandnewuxilon monosense at 56 lbs

also 1 head ti pro tour
grip 45/8 dunlop mfil tour string at 57lbs in 9.5 condition
w caps grommets
( same racket as the more common ti classic .. same specs and flex and stuff but blue color where the ti classics are red..)

looking to trade for brandenw or brandnewish dunlop mfil 300s , wilson nblade mpsor wilson ntour mps or ntour two mps or ncode sixones tour 95..

maybe will sell if trades dont come in soon..
paypal only . .. email me! chrisofoto@yahoo.com best//c