View Full Version : FS: Volkl Cat 8s and Prince

02-11-2007, 04:23 PM
I buy all my stuff from Tennis Warehouse (and have receipts). I have 2 Cat 8 VEs (4 1/4) that are in excellent condition (less than 1 year old and rotated use, doubles only). They are fantastic, I just can't get away from the 03 Red (now, the flexier speedport). Will sell them for $100 each shipped.

I also have a Prince Diablo 100" (MP). It is like new -- very lightly used -- purchased from TW. Will sell for $80 shipped.

Evaluate for yourself. I only buy new items from TW (no demos, no returns). I take great care of my stuff. All come with bags.

Will send pictures on request. E-mail inquiries at clint@brasherattorney.com.