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02-24-2007, 09:08 PM
Just checked out the early stages of the Adelaide 18/u ITF results and was surprised to recognise the names of many young kids entered. Taking away the four oveseas players I decided to put an age to the remaining sixty via the Australian Ranking list. I was stunned to find four times as many 13 year olds were playing than were 18 year olds ! Here's the breakdown:
18yrs - 2, 17yrs - 8, 16yrs - 21, 15yrs - 12, 14yrs - 9, 13yrs - 8. So where are all the 18yr old Aussies ? I'm all for giving Australian kids the chance of international experience but this does seem a little farcical. For members in other countries is this age grouping normal in your 18/u ITF's?

02-26-2007, 06:26 AM
yeahh there are a lot of young kids going for it nowadays. In the hk itf last month there were couple of young 13-15 so yeahh. you can't start playing too late so thats why

03-04-2007, 02:10 AM
Tennis Australia knows and are updating guidelines 2007.


2007 Guideline Adjustments

Tennis Australia, through a Rankings System Review Group (consisting of TA and MA staff) has undertaken minor reform of the Australian Ranking system for 2007 with the objective being to add greater value to the rankings.

This document contains these amendments, however in short, these changes are as follows –

Ranking Points
Main draw points will only be awarded for results from Rd 32 onwards. For consolation or feed in events, points will be awarded for winners, finalists and semi-finalists only.
Also, no points will be offered for qualifying events, with the exception of Australian Pro Circuit Tournaments.

Best Eight (8) Results
The following mix will occur when counting an athletes best eight results -
- Athletes 12 years and under - best eight results will only be from tournaments contested in 12s or 14s tournaments;
- Athletes 13th birthday through to 16th birthday - best eight results can only include a maximum of 4 post junior (open) tournaments;
- Athletes 16 years and over - no restrictions on best eight results.

At the discretion of the tournament committee, an athlete may enter and play in the 18/u event plus one of 14/u or 16/u. In this instance, athletes eligible for points in more than one age group will have the higher number of points awarded – not both. No player shall be permitted to compete in the 12/u and 18/u at the same tournament;
- All athletes must play ‘in age’ at National Championships (12s, 14s, 16s) when these tournaments are played concurrently. Once a player wins a National Championship, they can apply to Tennis Australia to play out of age. This application will be assessed by the National Selection Panel;
- Note – this rule will be enforced from National Grasscourt Championships in April 2007 onwards, and is only applicable if championships are played concurrently.

03-04-2007, 02:17 AM
Btw the new rd 32 rule sucks. If a player wins threw qualifying into an AMT or other event main draw and loses 1st rd they should always get a few points to help there direct entry to the next tournament.

I'm guessing there's too many juniors with .5 points and too many players outside the 1000's increasing the administrative burden. Too many applying for itf ipins with a AR in the 1000's!