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The Grand Slam
03-02-2007, 12:28 AM
Hmmm... okay then. People, your attention please. XD Each week when I start my 'Who will win in ...?' threads, you guys can create predicted draws. Sort of like the Cincinnati contest last year but with no prize. You'll need to give your predictions for the whole tournament. You won't have very long to create the draws though (between the time the draw is released and the time the main draw matches in that tournament start - about two days).

Anyway, each week (or two weeks in the case of Grand Slams, IW and Miami) at the end of a tournament I'll be tallying up how many matches you predicted right (you get one 'point' for each match you predict correctly). The person(s) with the most points wins the tournament. It's a lot harder in draws of over 32. ;D Going to be VERY hard to predict who will be in the final unless Federer is in the draw (hehe).

Anyway, each week I'll also be tallying up your total points from other weeks. In turn I'll be creating 'rankings'. ;DDDD So your choices will show, in the long run. I'll create a thread for draw submissions for Indian Wells in a few days and when the draw comes out you can all fill out your predicted draw. I hope many of you choose to fill out a draw, 'cause the more the.. merrier? Heh.

Oh, and also, due to the 'popularity' I'll only be doing this for the ATP tournaments. I'll also be discontinuing the '(WTA) Who will win in ...?' threads unless it's a Grand Slam or Tier I event. Somebody else can do those. :\ I may choose to if the draw is exceptional however (for example, Dubai, which was played last week), but that won't make much of a difference.

Anyway, I know the draw isn't out yet, but you guys will have to keep checking back on the ATP website or my 'Who will win in Indian Wells?' thread. Fill it out as soon as you can 'cause I won't accept submissions after play for the main draw has started on Monday.

Also, I know you might think this belongs in Match Results and Discussion but posts in this thread will only be relevant from now until main draw play happens in Indian Wells. So there should be no spoilers regarding match results unless someone decides to be a pr!ck.

Anyway, it's an idea I've had for a while now.. any comments or (hopefully constructive) criticism? Fire away.

03-02-2007, 01:58 AM
Why not try this way...


1. The Beaten QF's (8 players in total) [3 pts for each correct player named]

Men --> 1,xxxx 2,xxxx 3,xxxx 4,xxxx
Women --> 1,xxxx 2,xxxx 3,xxxx 4,xxxx

2. The Beaten SF's (4 players in total) [5 pts for each correct player named]

Men --> 1,xxxx 2,xxxx
Women --> 1,xxxx 2,xxxx

3. The Runner-up (2 players) [7 pts for each correct player named]

Men --> 1,xxxx
Women --> 2,xxxx

4. Winner [10 pts for each correct player named]

Men --> 1,xxxx
Women --> 1,xxxx

For all the players that you have predicted above, you will get 1 point each if they make it past the QF (or beyond that). For eg. If you predicted Safin to win the tournament but he gets knocked out in the SF, you will still receive 1 point for guessing that he will get to the QF (or past).

However, 5 points will be deducted from your overall score if any of your chosen Runner ups or Finalist fail to make it into the QFs.
( Note that the maximum points which can be deducted is only.

The Grand Slam
03-02-2007, 03:16 AM
But that doesn't apply to all the rounds.

03-02-2007, 03:23 AM
This is for the Grand Slams, Indian Wells and Miami.

The Grand Slam
03-02-2007, 04:38 AM
I'd be doing this for every tournament.