View Full Version : Head and Dunlop racquets for sale

03-15-2007, 12:42 PM
Selling a few frames I don’t use.

1. Head Ti Radical midplus – 8.5/10 condition. 1/8” grip. No cracks or dents. A few very minor chips. Strung with synthetic gut. $60
2. Head Classic midplus – 9.5/10 condition. ¼” grip. No cracks, dents or scratches. Basically unused. Unstrung. $70
3. Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro midplus – I have two of these. Both are in 8 to 8.5/10 condition. No cracks or dents. Very very minor scratches. Unstrung. $60 each.
4. Dunlop Revelation Select Pro midplus – 7/10 condition. No cracks or dents but numerous paint chips. Unstrung. $40

Prices include shipping within the Continental US. Shipping to Canada and overseas slightly higher.

I have photos available if you need them.

Any questions please email me at freckles_007@hotmail.com

Thank you for looking.:D