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lendl lives
03-12-2004, 03:21 PM
Bungalo, (and friends) I'm getting back into it. Finding my groove again . At our club we usullay only play one or two sets max before switching partners. Against 5.0 players who swing out i'm relatively succesful. especially if they come into the net. There are some 4.5 players who give me tough matches though. And I'm searching them out to get back into shape. Their game can probably be characterize as retrievers. I played one guy last night who got all my serves back deep and slow. His ground stokes where just fast enough to get where they had to go but gave me nothing to work with. His serve is flat and skids. His ground strokes often were very low especially to my backhand side (I have a two hander drive/topspin, one hander slice). Consequently he made me work very hard for the win. Most frustraing were the low slice shots deep to my backhand. And his low skidding serve. Re: the backhand he eventually got tired and started to give more and more balls in my strike zone which equaled winners for me. But what should I be doing to get ahold of those low ones with my 2 hander? Additionally I've noticed a HUGE drop off in my one handed slice since returning back to tennis. It used be an offensive weapon. now its more like a floater (especially against guys like this who give you nothing to work with). Any advice on how to make it a weapon again? Also he has pretty slow serve but it skids and he places it well. so you need to swing at it but its low. I started to scoot up to about 2 or three feet behind the service line and that worked well but i still hit too many into the net. this guys game charactarizes most of the good 4.0 and 4.5 players at the club and i need to improve against this type of player. I've been able to become a pretty good player on just natural talent but I've never had a coach or taken lessons which is why i'm really glad there is a board like this with generous people like yourself. Thanks alot!!

lendl lives
03-12-2004, 03:26 PM
correction; i did have a coach as a kid: "the tennis handbook" does anyone remeber that book? I pretty sure thats what it was called. I need to find another one. I believe there was a picture of borg and mac at wimbledon on the cover.....

Bungalo Bill
03-12-2004, 03:42 PM
Sounds like the guy played right against you. Keep the ball low so you cant clock it with your twohander. My favorite shot to a twohander is a low slice that bounces just past the service line and angles, then as the twohander (if he doesnt slice) hits up on the ball, I send a medium paced angled shot to his forehand side. You really work a twohanders leg muscles on that shot sequence. Really tires them out by the second set. :)

Anyway, yes there are ways to get your slice humming again. First, you identified part of the problem. Your out of shape. I cant tell you how many players improve dramtically after getting back in shape. It is like they are different players all together. Since you had a good slice I would prefer not to mess around with technique - yet. Just get back in shape and drive through the ball - dont chop it. The slice is a"high to low swing" technically because it starts high and finishes out in fron of you which is lower. But I prefer to say it is a High to flat swing.

Most likely your footwork is a tad late in getting set because of your conditioning and it is causing you to adjust differently.

I know when I am out of shape. I suck! Its like I cant hit a forehand to save my life. My slice has never been that great - until recently. I really worked hard on it. It is now a weapon. But I notice more errors and less driving through when I put on a few pounds and become a little sluggish.

lendl lives
03-12-2004, 03:54 PM
tks, bungalo

being out of shape is a big problem. it wasn't till recently i could even play singles agian! ha. anyway i've got to go now I hope we are able to continue this thread later. PS THANKS for the overhead tip !!

03-12-2004, 09:35 PM
Is the book you mean the 'The Handbook of Tennis' by Paul Douglas, copyright 1982 ? It does have a picture of Borg and McEnroe at Wimbledon on the cover . The ISBN is 0-394-52373-3. Great book, but I think you have to read carefully because it's geared for play with wooden racquets. (no pun intended)

lendl lives
03-15-2004, 01:41 PM
cypo thats it. well back then i had a wooden racket! -).