View Full Version : Wilson Prostaff Surge X

02-20-2004, 07:18 AM
So far in comparing it to my Volkl Quantum 8, the Surge X seems to have more power and more control and is quick for volleys and pretty solid from the baseline too. My timing is a little off so far from it being headlight and having a faster swing despite it being a half ounce heavier than the Volkl Q8. I may still need a heavier racquet in my goal to move up, but I think this racquet is going to help me to continue to improve. It is only 11 ounces. Anyone else use the Surge X? or the Volkl Tour 8 which was my other option but wasn't in stock at the time.

02-20-2004, 07:25 AM
I use the Surge standard and like it, although it is the ugliest frame Ive ever used or probably ever will use.

I have mine with 10.5 grams of lead under the handle and leather grips, with 4 grams inside at 2 & 10. I string with poly, 57 mains 52 crosses.

Just like the PD, mad spin potential

02-20-2004, 11:49 AM
Yes, I may want to add some more weight at 3 and 9 on it. Sometimes I swing my backhand too quickly now and shank the ball off to the right. Also my flat serve tends to go long and my kick serve into the net. But I will keep working on my timing and the appropriate ball toss so that everything works as before except a little bit better with the new better headlight frame. I like the added 1/2 inch length of the X for a little more power on the serve and a little more reach when on the run.