View Full Version : Tried on the Nike Breathe Cage

04-16-2007, 01:21 PM
I had worn down my old Breathe 3's so I decided to pick up a new pair. I found that the shop also had Cages in store so I tried them on.

Here's my short reaction:

-Weight a bit less than the Breathe 3's
-Cage/mesh upper seems to provide a bit more breathability than Breathe 3's
-Has "stabilizers" on the outsole similar to vapors
-Uni-tongue similar to earlier Breathe Free shoes
-Good tread for hard courts and clay.

-Smaller toe box - noticed this before even lacing up. Was the main reason I stuck with my Breathe 3's.
- Prefer Breathe 3's speed lacing system
-Not a big fan of the aqua color accents

Cages are good shoes if you like the tighter fit around the toe box. I would have bought them except for this one problem. Itís probably just my foot, but I noticed the pressure on the top of my big toe immediately, even before I laced up. I ended up going back to the Breathe 3's.

I did like the lighter feel and I think they make a better summer shoe than the Breathe 3's since the uppper seems to let in more air.