View Full Version : suggest an SHT-305 alternative

04-16-2007, 05:13 PM
By the end of this spring I'll need a new pair of tennis shoes. I love my SHT-305's, but i do have a few complaints about them. the first is that the toe box is just a little bit too wide for me. The second might be my fault and might be a problem that cannot be solved no matter what shoe i get. I have SUPER HIGH arches, so i use custom orthodic insoles in my tennis shoes (if anyone knows of a shoe that has really high arches that would allow me to not have to use my orthodics anymore, i would appreciate it, as they are pretty harch). The problem is that, to make room for my orthodics, i always have to order a size up. my feet are probably about a 12/2.5 (yes, one foot is bigger than the other- it's a nightmare with ski boots), but i need to order a size 13 (i've tried 12.5, the orthodics don't fit) in order to fit my orthodics in my shoes without making the shoe super tight. that's probably why there is extra room in the box. the shoes fit great, except for the extra length and width in the shoe. can anyone help me out here?

El Guapo
04-16-2007, 06:14 PM
Wilson Opens have some of the highest arches that I've ever worn. You're unlikely to find anything higher than that in a tennis shoe.