View Full Version : Nike Vapor IV's versus Nike Vapor 3's

04-28-2007, 11:31 AM
For those that have worn both the Nike Vapor IV's and the Vapor 3's, does the new Vapor IV's really have more cushioning and lateral stability?

I currently have the Vapor 3's but I find them to lack cushioning and lateral stability. I like the way the new Vapor IV's look, but I will only consider getting them if they have much better cushioning and lateral stability than the Vapor 3's.


04-28-2007, 04:14 PM
I thought they felt more cushioned then the vapor 3 which did not have enough cushioning for me at all. I wouldn't call them "very well" cushioned though. They don't compare to the Breathe Free/Cages but they are more cushioned than the Vapor 3. I'm not totally sure about lateral stability though. Maybe somebody else knows.....?