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04-30-2007, 01:48 PM
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Long time lurker....

Have 3 Head i radical mid plus sticks. Two are L4, China.

Have a third I bought off a pro on auction....it is an L5, completely different texture to the paint(almost rubber like) and plays like buttah....

Trying to find another but don't know really what it is.....I have been told by another pro that it is likely an i prestige painted up with radical graphics as head was pushing the radical more than the prestige at the time...but I am skeptical of this explanation. I have hit with a friend i prestige tho and it plays similar...

All 3 of my i radicals are strung mid point with BDE 16 rally gut....as is my ti radical mid plus.

The L5 raquet plays closer to my ti radical(also L5) than the other 2 i radicals....

I previously had 2 97 TT radicals it is unlike those either.....

What is it and how do I find another?

05-02-2007, 10:34 PM
you know, I was looking at my radicals last year and noticed the same thing and was wondering about that too! I doubt the L5 is a painted prestige because I'm playing with the oversize radical, and from my what I remember, there never was an oversized prestige to try and disguise (though I think there was an XL 98 sq in. version, but my radical is clearly a 107) I always just thought it was a misprint or error in the manufacturing process. For what its worth, I never actually noticed a difference between my L5 rad and the other two L4's, so it's interesting that you mention the disparity between the two.

05-02-2007, 10:49 PM
weigh them, see any significant difference. measure the balance too.

should Prestige be L6 ?

and Radical L5

05-02-2007, 11:17 PM
It's probably the very 1st edtion of the i.Rads. They were made about the same time as the i.Prestige and the give-away could be the paint job. Later versions of the i.Prestige and i.Rads were more of a matt finish whereas, as you've said, the earlier version are more rubbery. They's also not be made in China so the quality is better.



05-03-2007, 04:19 AM
yep it is Austrian. Also has a bit more swingweight it seems than the china L4's and plays more like my ti Radical but still not the same. The L5 rubberry paint i radical is head and shoulders above all the other sticks in the bag, at least for me.

Frustrating thing is I have all of em strung the same by my pro stringer with BDE rally gut 16 gauge and the whole bag plays different, one of the L4 rads has so much pop I almost never use it.....I would like to find another of the L5 austrian i radicals and ditch the rest of the bag. With the tight string pattern I never break strings anymore. 2 sticks would suffice and I would keep the ti radical in the bag as an emergency stick. I was a huge string breaker in the 90's when I played POG mids for a while.....haven't broken a string on the rads in 2 years.....

I guess I can see why folks buy matched sticks from the same run, tho I never had this disparity with other bags. FWIW prior recent bags were max 200g(3) all felt the same, PS 85(3) two china and a st vincent played similar tho sv was superior obviously and the POGS which all played the same.

This bag is very frustrating, the sticks all look the same but it is like having 4 different racquets.....I have mulled over the thought of breaking out the 200g's again actually...but I would prefer to hunt down another one of the L5 i Radicals.....the sweet spot on it is easy to find and consistent for me and the pop is just right.

05-03-2007, 05:18 AM
The L5 version came out first. The reason it changed to L4 was because Head had to change how it manufactured the racquet. The first versions had problems with cracking at the throat.

Head changed how it produced the racquet to fix this problem, and strengthen the throat area. When the second run of the racquet came out, for some reason they changed "L5" to "L4".

I agree the very first versions (L5) played much sweeter than the later version (L4).

I know this because I had a L5, and cracked one at the throat on a serve. When I returned it, Head replaced the racquet. I immediately noticed the difference in swing weight, and play. I was extremely frustrated and later noticed the "L4" on the racquet. When I called Head it seemed no one knew what the hell I was talking about.

I finally spoke to one person who told me about the problem with the throat and how Head changed the makeup of the racquet to fix the throat problem. He also told me they changed the L5 to L4.

I was lucky enough to go to a local store and have them switch my racquet out to an L5 they had in the store. Eventually , I cracked that one too, and gave up on the racquet.

05-03-2007, 06:23 AM
I was lucky enough to go to a local store and have them switch my racquet out to an L5 they had in the store. Eventually , I cracked that one too, and gave up on the racquet.

Good info thx.

So in lieu of going back to the max 200g's or the ps 85's if I can't find a couple more of the L5 i rads what might you suggest? I could part out the current bag and get enuff cash to pick up a couple of high end appropriate sticks. Thoughts on where to start? The L5 austrian i Radical is absolute perfection for where my game is now....still quite a bit of serve and volley when point needs to be won, esp serving to ad court with kick wide but more time at the baseline than 10 or even 5 years ago. Eastern forehand with a fair amount of top and 2 handed backhand, able to hit 1 handed slice backhand as needed to stay in the point. Not presently rated but prob about a 4.0, played higher in the past. The L5 is the perfect blend of both worlds. I find the L4's a bit tough to keep in on full swing, tho I could suck it up and adjust my game I guess too...

Shopping list? My thoughts were hunt down couple of i Prestige mid plus. Hit LM and flexpt prestige and rad, didn't like either but could have been the strings of course as I play gut only......

05-03-2007, 08:11 AM
hrstart57, problem with racquets now a days is they are continuosly discontinued, and then supposedly "improved" with a newer model. I wish they would leave racquets alone so people could continue bying a racquet they like. In your case the i radical mid. I really enjoyed this racquet when I started playing again. I also enjoyed the OS version as well. But with the problem of Head having to reconfigure that racquet I went elsewhere. I began hitting with the Dunlop 300 g. Excellent racquet, and extremely solid on volleys. But alas>>> they discontinued making that one too.

I ended up going back to my trustworthy PS 85, and until recenlty have been playing with it.

There are lots of mids and mid plus racquets out there that are excellent. I would suggest you go to a local pro shop and ask them for advice on which racquets they have that may have a similar feel and playing chacracteristics of the i radical mid plus. Don't forget to demo a few.

On a side note: I absolutely hated the Liquid Metal Radical, and Flex points. But to each their own. Both have received praise and criticism on the boards.

The new dunlops (aerogel) seem to be getting a lot of attention, as well as the Prince 03 racquets, and Wilson K95's and team racquets.

Good luck!