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05-02-2007, 05:27 AM
Hi, Has anyone demoed or played with these 2 racquets? Could you please share your experience, views and opinions on them? Thanks in advance.

I've only tried them both briefly and find that they both hit beautifully and solidly with the KSix-One Tour being the stiffer frame and the nBlade, as expected, being more forgiving. I'm interested in hearing what other play-testers think, apart from them both being horribly expensive.

I didn't have the opportunity to test them both for a long period of time but I thoroughly appreciated the classic feel of both stick, as I enjoy playing with thin beams (my current Prince Precision is 19mm).

Interestingly, I found the KSix-One Tour afforded a bigger sweetspot than my 95sq. in. Precision. Granted, KSix-One Tour forced me to play better strokes, and focus on good basic techniques such as looking at the strings contact the ball. The first few forehands were kinda short, landing on the service line but by flattening out the stroke, there was power and depth. Also found better pin-point control that my Precision, which gave me a lot of confidence creating angles early in a rally.

I'm one who believes good tennis comes from your own form and ability but I have to say that the KSix-One Tour made a direct improvement on my serves, lending more weight of shot behind it. Similarly, my backhand was never more solid. The difference in feel was a pleasant surprise. Sadly, I didn't have time to test net-play.

I was amazed how playable this stick was, given that I'm only a 4.5 equivalent player and was initially intimidated by what is regarded a top-end pro racquet. I didn't find the heft of the racquet a problem, and was still swinging freely after 2 hours. I believe I have the strength to handle it seeing I gym-train 3 times a week. Never underestimate the advantages of off-court training, I realised.

I had even less time to hit with the nBlade. But I love the comfort and feel on the ground strokes, and was especially responsive. I have no idea what the full potential of this stick is as it was only in my hands for 30 minutes.

Has anyone else felt that these 2 Wilsons can or has taken their game up a couple of notches? I like to discuss this as purchasing either sticks are considerable more costly here in England than what's available in USA.

Cheers x

05-02-2007, 06:59 AM
By the way, I'm also new to Wilson racquets. These 2 are the first I've ever picked up. I'd love to learn more about Wilson's heritage and history in tennis racquets but haven't been able to find much resources on the net, such as, how did the Pro Staff and Hammer came about, their evolution, and how the originals impact on the current models.

I heard that the nBlade nCode is based on an old Pro Staff but haven't been able to find out more.

So if you have a Yoda like knowlegse on Wilson racquets, I would so appreciate if you could take a bit of time and share what you know. Cheers :-)

05-04-2007, 12:14 PM
i have not played the k90 yet, but i could pass on some info on the n90 as compared to the nblade 98. first i'd like to mention that i am an aggressive baseliner, hitting with lots of topspin off both sides and play competitive tennis in the +40s.
the n90 is a very good racquet if you can provide for the power yourself - this is not to say that it is a very low powered racquet. my trouble with the n90 was that i would have liked to be 10 years younger in order to better set up for the strokes and thus have a higher percentage of "sweetspot"-shots. i called this racquet "digital" - you are either "on" or you're "off", there is no inbetween. this is the reason why i didn't go for this racquet in spite of the fact that i quite liked the feel and control it provided.
the 98 blade is more "forgiving" for not being able to provide for that extra inch of positioning anymore. it has a different feel since it is also quite a lot flexier and does come with a little bit more power (mainly due to headsize 98 vs. 90) and even a bit more control.
as a matter of fact i play the 106 blade, which i feel to be just more comfy than it's "smaller" brother.