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05-09-2007, 03:43 PM
hey everyone, i've been playing tennis for about a year and a half, i'm taking quite seriously now, and i just switched from an oversized to a midsize racquet, a pure drive + to be exact, and i've switched to a semi western grip to compensate for the power the racquet brings. I've tried and tried and tried, but i can't seem to get the spin i want, until today, i was doing some doing some hitting with someone that hits quite a bit harder than the usual people i hit with, and he told me to take big cuts, and everything would drop in, which is great, but after maybe 5-6 shots i'd net it or go long or wide. What should i consider doing to build consistency, i know i need edurance, i've never hit this big before so often so it's taking a toll, but should i take the ball machine out at the club every so often, maybe do some strengthening, any advice would be great, thanks;)

05-09-2007, 03:53 PM
congratulations, you've just had a breakthrough in your game!

now, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. there is nothing else you can do to help build consistency. take out the ball machine, hit with the same kid, get a few lessons maybe to make sure you're doing it right, and keep hitting that stroke. don't do it too much, though, your arm might fall off. I'm starting to hit harder and harder, and i have to take a few days off tennis every once in a while because my shoulder can't take it. i figure i'll get stronger after a while and it won't be a big deal. same thing will happen with you most likely.

bottom line, the only way to build consistency is to practice. i'd take a ball machine over a wall, and a lesson or hitting session with a friend over a ball machine. anything will do really, as long as you are hitting

05-09-2007, 03:57 PM
excellent that's just what i wanted to hear, i've been playing alot of matches and not so much practicing my game, so i figure i might just spend a few weeks all out training, maybe a match here and there, but it was kinda nice being able to take such big cracks at the ball. Well with my forehand anyway, my backhand is the worst part of my game, not much power, not much spin, but i'm trying to change that aswell so i can have a more balanced game. any ideas for working on the backhand side??