View Full Version : average time for sprained wrist to heal?

09-20-2004, 05:20 PM
I've noticed that there are a number of people that have posted about wrist injuries that have lasted from months to even over a year, and I sprained my wrist about 2 months ago when I fell and landed awkwardly on it. I'm at a point where I could actually swing a racquet, but it hurts when I'm actually hitting the ball , so I decided to not play at all until it's compeltely healed. I don't think anything is broken or torn, but I want to ask what general length of time it takes for a wrist sprain to heal, and how long I should see if it heals on its own before I get it checked out? Thanks.

09-22-2004, 12:56 PM
You stated you don't think anything is broken or torn, so I'm assuming you did not have a doctor look at it. You might want to reconsider and go visit a doc. Once I took a nasty spill while playing basketball. Landed right on my wrist. Figured it was sprained and after about week, the pain was gone and so I started playing again. But every once in a certain movements would make it really hurt. After about 4 weeks finally went to the doc. X-rays showed I had broken a small bone in the wrist. Thing never did heal properly because I had abused it for so long while it was broken. Ended up having to have a pin put in.

The fact you still have pain 2 months down the road should encourage you to go see a doc ASAP. If it doesn't heal properly now, you'll be paying for it down the road via arthritic problems well before their time.