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05-28-2007, 01:09 PM
Dear fellow TW-ers
I am struggling between a choice of shoes. I am deciding between the a3 accelerators and the barricade IV's. I have narrow feet with high arches and a narrow heel. I am wearing the nike air resolve plus's right now, but the arches are too low and hurt my feet. PLease anyone who has worn the barricade IV's ( alot of people) or the accelerator's (some, but not as many), help me pick the right shoe.

Thanks as always guys!


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Barricades might be a better overall shoe, but the accelerator's fit description sounds like it was written for you:

Fit: Length fit is true to size. The fit through the heel and midfoot is snug and glove-like with a roomier fit in the forefoot. Arch support is somewhat high.

Snug heel fit for your narrow heel, higher arch.