View Full Version : TTC...what happend?

05-30-2007, 04:06 PM

so comcast just got the TTC in my neighborhood 2 weeks ago, and i was soooooo siked. called them up immidiatly and got it all hooked up. it was pretty good at first. but like right when the french open started it is starting to go all down hill. first of all, its ridiculous how much other stuff they show during the french open. theres like commercials, the news desk, interviews, presss conferences, and then they have this stuff where they do like discussions on different players and then like the clay court surface every commercial break and its really repetitive and everything. i wish they would just show the matches. and plus like they never show like the actual commentators. ESPN did this a lot and i kinda liked it. on the tennis channel, they never do it unless its like the news desk or macattee giving us useless information. whats going on?

05-30-2007, 04:43 PM
That depends on when you were watching. If it was during ESPN's window of coverage they wouldn't have tennis on. But as for the commercials, they for the channel to be able to broadcast programming. A major tourney costs a lot of money.
I really don't care if I see the commentators. The commentators on ESPN talk too much and can get quite annoying at times.
I also like the commercials that run especially the "Bag Check" commercials. (Safin's my favorite so far)