View Full Version : Some mental advices much appreciated!

06-12-2007, 11:38 PM
I donīt know whatīs wrong, but here is the pre-story

I have had a great outdoor season so far, and I havenīt been as near as nervous and tensed before matches and tournaments as I used to. I havenīt thought so much of tennis when Iīm not on court, and I think that is the key for me. I have been focusing to much when it was not necessary, like will I be playing well in the next training session etc.

Then I went to Paris for 5 days, and when I returned and was to play a match in our team competition then I felt my legs were totally strange. Like nervous, but I donīt if itīs that.
I won the game though but I couldnīt move and were so tensed etc, and the same in the doubles match, where Iīm not nervous at all.
I have been having this tsrange feeling in the legs since that day, and I donīt know what it is, if itīs tennis related at all. I could fear that I have taken a step in the wrong direction again, mentally. All because I didnīt play well on that specific day.

Please help...