View Full Version : moving to gel enqvists good choice?

06-15-2007, 07:53 PM
the barricades give me calluses and blood blisters sometimes cause they are a little too big. also, they have ok ventilation and my socks are always wet (even with two socks). And they are worn out (already used the 6 month warranty) looking for something light anyways. i saw the gel enqvists and wanted to see if they are as good as ppl say. i heard the cushioning is great but what about the durability? and help with size. the 11's in barricades were too big so a 10.5 would be perfect (US size.), should i go with the size 11 in asics as suggested by TW? cuz thats what the size conversion chart says...

Richie Rich
06-16-2007, 10:18 AM
you will probably find the enqvists less durable than the barricade. barricades are the most durable shoe i have worn. the enqvists will give you better cushioning and are a little bit lighter.

in terms of sizing, i wore a 9.5 in the barricades. i orderd 9.5 in the enqvists and they are a little big. i would go down half a size next time. i also wear thick thorlos too.