View Full Version : Does anyone have this video link?

06-16-2007, 01:40 PM
There were several video links to Gael Monfils celebrations that looked as if he was having a seizure. I looked up an older one on YouTube and it looks as if it was removed for "terms of use violation", whatever that means.

http://www.youtube.com/index?&session=Dxljt6C767Nbcr9EOTXYZQRy0NaOmArVVytjSWRM2l 6yoCUp6-SW-AdHVSFCzQRtD0zt25plNaYnv19ebCyuYHF9BpQRqAXnX0gcaOF M4LL9s7UgoMvzMrYTX508NP0l6XX-oQPgIfgEx9R1iqgJGgSYC8d_OImxlsbDRQlCbHqKSRlCaw2EDM lNXrG2NxHJKAA3kfRoOnjBGP1H7FvhheSdpTpa-xQu3fBgDLipQMwH04D1MK30kBVXiElIDkKO5QN6akIGxgzgqJm VcESFz0MxLDX3-2FJA-1hngJMKAvQYxy-0mgcd4wNu15wbxKP

I suspect it may have been removed due to political correctness (i.e. liberal censorship), but I am not sure. So assuming the PC police have not banned video clips of him looking and acting strangely, does anyone have a video/link? If so, please post it in this thread.


06-16-2007, 04:24 PM
Someone must have a clip or link, right:confused: