View Full Version : To PS 6.0 95 lover

10-01-2004, 04:16 PM
Just ordered Bow 16L and Prince synthetic 17. Plan for hybrid use gut main. Just wonder how much tension should I put on this string? I know it depend personal favorite. But just want to know your guy experience with gut on different tension on this lovely stick :) . First time I strung my PS, use Luxilon 54 main and synthetic 57 cross. Love it. My usual string tension on other stick(previously I used Hammer 4) is around mid range(60lb). I think to start either 62 gut main and 59 synthetic cross or 60 main and 57 cross. What is your opinion?
PS: by the way thanks for input last time on this stick. It help me big time getting a good mechanical stroke. My game has significant improve with it. Now I am a big fan of PS 6.0.