View Full Version : FS> O3 Red MP 4 1/2 8/10 condition

06-21-2007, 08:07 AM
hey guys
i'm selliing my o3 red mp
grip size 4 1/2
in about 8/10 condition.
1~2 paint chips (really small, you know how o3 racquets are.)
and not a lot of scratches. i think it could go up to 8.5 condition.
strung with Prince PolyGut right now. it's really shiny and looks real cool.
selling for $100 + shipping.
could take pics anytime. i live in Hoffman Estates located in Illinois
i'm up for trading too. just email me offers.



06-21-2007, 02:31 PM
hey. took a look of my o3 red today, and found that it's not 2~3 paint chips. it's about 15 SMALL paint chips. well, there's one medium sized one near the neck (well, it might be considered as SMALL). it was there when i got it back restrung. the stringer told me he was sorry and strung mine for free.
but you gotta understand, that o3 racquets are all like this. if you see how o3 red is made up of, you'll understand why it gets paint chips really easily. but the neck is stainless. very clean. there being paint chips DOES NOT mean there are cracks. i'm POSITIVE there's NO cracks whatsoever.
since i found more paint chips than i thought, i'm willing to sell this racquet for $90 + shipping.