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06-27-2007, 06:35 AM
2ea - Wilson ProStaff 6.0 95, both 4-1/2 grips, one is 8.5/10 and the other is 9/10. Both strung with Polyfibre PolyHightec at 56lbs - $180 shipped for pair

Yonex RDS001 MP 4-5/8, easy 9/10 condition, strung with Technifibre BiPhase at 58lbs - $90 shipped

2ea – Fischer MPro 1’s Heavy – 105sq in, one is 4-1/2, 9/10 condition and is strung with ProHurricane at 60lbs. The other is 4-5/8, 8.5/10 condition and is hybrid strung with Gamma Zo/Syn gut at 60lbs - $80 shipped ea or $150 shipped for pair

ProKennex 7G, 4-1/2, 7/10, strung with Technifibre BiPhase 1.30 at 58lbs. Currently has string savers as well. - $65 shipped

Prince 03 Tour 100sq in, 4-1/2, 7.5/10, strung with Ashaway Monogut at 56lbs. - $75 shipped

Prince Graphite Mid (POG) 4-1/2, 8.5/10, strung with Babolat Conquest at 58lbs, one minor chip from restringing in throat area - $80 shipped

Prince Graphite O/S (POG), original single stripe with grommets, extra nice condition for an older racquet, prob 8.5/10, very few imperfections, strings are old, this one seems a little heavier than my other POG’s, has to be rare in this condition - $80 shipped

Babolat Pure Storm Team MP 103sq in, 4-1/2”, might hahve been a demo and has some numbers etched into side of racquet (I bough it used), prob 7/10 condition, hybrid strung with BigBanger/Syn gut - $79 shipped

Fischer Pro No 1 FT – 4-1/2, racket is nice with exception of rash where headguard has worn through, prob 7/10, unstrung - $45 shipped

Yonex MP Tour 5 98sq in, 4-1/2, 7/10, blue synthetic gut 60lbs - $55 shipped

Volkl Tour 9 V-Engine 16-19, 8/10 with leather grip, strung with syn gut at 56lbs - $49 shipped

Yonex RD Power 10 Long, 95sq in, 9/10 condition, strung with syn gut at 60lbs - $49 shipped

2 ea Yonex MP Tour 1 90sq in, one is nice 8/10 and the other is well used 5/10, both 4-5/8 and hybrid strung with Kevlar/Syn gut - $60 shipped for both

Prince More Control DB MP, 4-3/8, 7/10 condition with yellow Victor strings - $35 shipped

Prince AirDrive MP, 4-3/8, 7.5/10, yellow Victor strings - $35 shipped

2ea - Volkl V1 Hot Spot, one is 4-1/2 strung with syn gut (worn) and other is 4-5/8 and strung with some sort of red string. Both 8/10 condition - $50 shipped for both

Wilson Staff 6.5si, high beam series, 95sq in, 12.3oz, 10points head light, older syn gut strings, 7/10 - $35 shipped

Offers welcome to goose1002@yahoo.com
Pics available for SERIOUS inquiries

06-28-2007, 09:12 AM
POG Mid and Volkl V1 HS's are sold