View Full Version : Safin racquet?

06-29-2007, 10:02 PM

is it me or does this really look like a safin racquet?

I'm working on how to put it in directly but if i cant replace the *'s with e b a y

I do apologize i didnt read the rest of the description its a 98 head size but the lead placement looks similar as does the string, except i believe he uses a full big banger job

06-29-2007, 10:12 PM
LM Prestige (paint job)

06-29-2007, 10:21 PM
i mean i know this you can clearly see the ridges painted on, can you guess the price of it by the picture?

06-30-2007, 05:45 AM
Lately, I've been hearing from a lot of people who say Safin uses full Luxilon Alu Power. I've even stumbled upon stringer logs where they confirm this. However, on all of the pictures of Safin's racquet, it still looks like he uses the hybrid of Alu Power Rough in mains and VS gut in crosses. Except for clay season, when he switches to full Babolat Polymono.

I'd like to know if there's any proof that Safin does indeed use a full Alu Power job because I've never seen a single picture of his racquet with full Alu. It's always been Alu Rough/VS gut hybrid.

06-30-2007, 06:03 AM
That is a photo of a Pro Tour 630 with a LM Prestige Paint job. You can just see the groove in the throat the left hand side where photo ends. This is not one of Safin's racquets. Safin uses the Prestige Classic 600.

06-30-2007, 12:20 PM
I think that he has switched to either full ALU, or full ALU Fluoro string job.

The string job is definitley not a hybrid and a full job of whatever it is....

By the way, I thougth that thomas martinez confirmed that safin uses BB original on clay. I remember that this same question came up when safin was playing in the davis cup in Chile back in early feb.....