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07-01-2007, 06:45 PM
hey wanted to give a better description of the Pro Supex Nano Energy than in my previous sale ads for it; it is a 95 (held up to my ps 6.0 95 the molds look identical, pws too). I don't have a postal scale or anything to get its specific weight, but on the racquet it says 320 +/- 7.5 grams (unstrung) I figure about 20 grams for most strings, which puts it in the 340 or so range, which is the weight of the average prostaff 6.0. Its standard, 27" length, and the grip is a 4 3/8 according to the handle. Playtesting side by side with my 6.0 95, the only difference I find is in the reaction off the string bed, I can play a bit more of a "modern" game with a little more topspin and slice b/c of the 6.1 style string spacing(it has a 16x18 pattern but is drilled in the same spacing as a prostaff 6.1, rather than with the spacing of a 6.0). Its basically a prostaff 6.0 95 with 6.1 string spacing. Its really a solid stick, and still strung at a usable tension with pro supex Big Ace. If you search for pro supex big ace on the boards alot of folks have tried it and seem to like it as an on par competitor to Big Banger. Its a tiawanese company and from what I've heard they are planning on making the sticks available stateside in a few months with the pro supex coming in at a little over a hundred dollars new, so if you like it, backups will be affordable. I just switched from the standard 6.1 series to the hyper prostaff 6.5 series(nps, k6.1 team weight and specs), so as much as I like the pro supex, i'm not using it, and could get alot of use from the racquets below.

Again looking for $70 shipped( which is low), or trades for good condition nps or roks, ok condition ps 6.0 95, or two ok condition hyper hammer 6.3 (6.3s preferred, but only as a pair for the pro supex)
If you've tried Pro Supex strings, you know that they offer a high quality product. the same goes for their racquets.

I have one pic at http://s166.photobucket.com/albums/u81/caesar66/

Email me at caesar66@uga.edu with questions/offers

07-12-2007, 03:33 PM
now would only like to trade for wilson nps or prostaff 6.0 95 (preferred), or new lower price of $65 shipped