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10-06-2004, 09:55 PM
Hi im from australia and i have just placed an order of these items:
Adidas Wms Comp Polo #7 Red/White Sm 1 1 25.00 25.00
Adidas Wms Anna Skort #7 Purple Night Sm 1 0 36.99 36.99
Reebok Men's 3-Pak Cotton 1/4 Socks White 1 0 9.99 9.99
I was waiting for the tennis skort and the socks to come in because they were on back order and now when i go to track my order it says that the adidas top is out of stock and the order for the top has been cancelled and that top was the main reason why i wanted to place an order with you, and really if when i order it it told me it was in stock i should get it so can u tell me why i am not going to be recieving that item. Please help me.
I purchased the items under my mums name and if you need to know that it's Shirley **** and the phone is 0418372563 and the order number is 1039429. Thankyou i hope that you can help...

TW Staff
10-07-2004, 08:35 AM
Our International department is contacting you via email to help you with your order.

Chris, TW.