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07-09-2007, 12:56 AM
I really do not want to hear any more critizism about Roger Federers mental toughness or heart after today. He was out there visibly frustrated and got blitzed in the 4th set, then had two service games in a row facing double break (and essentially match) point. Keep in mind this is against his rival of whom he has way less confidence against already as Nadal is already in Federers head to start. Even after all of this, he showed he has what everyone knows as the "Heart of a Champion". from that point at 15-40 2all in the fifth, he flipped a switch and raised his game to that extra gear that even Rafael Nadal cannot match. he reeled of 11 of the next 13 points with powerful forehands and serves to take the lead and win the match. On centre court in the 5th set of the final against your rival, that is as tough as it gets and he came through. So lets not talk anymore about a lack of heart from this champion, because without that, he would have walked off runner up today.

07-09-2007, 01:36 AM
also on ESPN.coms chat with former tour pro todd martin he said this:

Todd Martin: (2:45 PM ET ) Joe: He was outstanding in saving the break points and capitalizing on his opportunities in the 5th. He showed lots more than just his shot making ability. He outcompeted the best ccompetitor in tennis today.

That last line sums up how federer won today, outcompeted the best competitor in tennis.....thats heart.