View Full Version : Another great sight to see.

03-15-2004, 08:14 PM
Nicolas Escude beat Vince Spadea tonight in a close three set match. Next he will take on Andy Roddick. It is nice to see Nicolas playing and winning again. I love his all-court game, and I always thought he would be a serious contender on the green grass at Wimbledon after he lost a close 5 set marathon match against Pete Sampras a few years back. Injuries have hampered his progress over the last couple of years, but maybe he can get on a roll and show us all what he can do when he his healthy. I think he will give Roddick a lot of trouble by pressuring Roddick's backhand and coming to the net on serves and approaches to that side. It should be a great match to watch.

03-15-2004, 10:27 PM
But Spadea beat Roddick last week in Scottsdale. It would have been nice to see Spadea spank Roddick again. Oh, well.

03-15-2004, 10:50 PM
hahaha, why would any1 cheer for spadea, he's such a low class guy

03-16-2004, 10:06 AM
Escude playing with no pain will make this very interesting. If he picks the right spots to play serve and volley he should hold relatively consistently. I think he has the long reach and quickness to at least get back a decent number of Roddick's serves.

Escude playing with pain and it could get ugly, i.e. retire in the 2nd set.

03-16-2004, 06:11 PM
I think Escude could beat him. Escude has the type of game that can beat Roddick with constant pressure, and just hitting him around the court. Escude's groundies ain't bad either, and his return is quite good too.

03-17-2004, 01:47 AM
"Maybe Roddick will pull a Roddick..." --guess who