View Full Version : String for Volkl tour 10 mid-plus v-engine-Help pls.

10-08-2004, 09:00 PM
Right now i've the tour 10 mid-plus (98sqin) v-engine strung hybird w/ nxt tour 16 (m) and alu power 16 (c) 58lbs. Play/feel is just very 'dead' no 'pop',
on serve or grd strokes. Can someone w/ experience w/ this racket suggest a better 'set-up'. I usually play usta w/ POG OS w/ prince. syn 16g @72lbs. w/ full fast swing.
BTW, i hv few sets of iso-speed pro 17g, laser supreme 17g,ashaway crossfire monogut 16L/16g and alu power 16L and wilson supreme 16g. I prefer non-gut string as I currently hv too many other rackets w/ gut in rotation. I'm looking for good 'pop' on serves and good topspin on grd. strokes. Thanks in advance for yr reply. - Dennis

10-15-2004, 07:16 PM
For other viewer's reference, i restrung the tour 10 v engine mp w/ laser supreme 16g at 58 lbs and what a positive difference. I can feel the strokes and the 'dwell' on the kick serve is quite good.
IMO the previous stringer 'm-gear' w/ alu power on crosses was not a good idea for a hybrid set-up.