View Full Version : My "OK" but worst experience in about 8 years wit

10-13-2004, 02:51 PM
The title might mislead some people but the bottom line is that
my worst experience with TW is still "satisfactory".
But there might be something that TW can improve on, IMHO.
But still I'd like to make it clear that there is no major mistake that
TW has made.

Here is a story: First, TW informed that there was an inventory error
and asked me if I want have to wait for about 10 days.
So I decided to wait but it turned out that it took about 24 days
to wait. Then my order was couple of days later. The US postal
service took about 13 days to deliever it to me. I live in So Cal and it
usually takes 1-2 days even with USPS. It ended up taking 40 days
in total. Then one of the strings I order appeared to old and its
package was patched up with stapler !!

USPS did not have tracking number and it was somewhat agonizing
especially last 2 weeks of the whole time. Again, there is no major
fault from TW part because I could cancel it any time. Plus TW promised
to send me a new packet of the string (but practically I'm still
waiting on the completion of my order). TW also did price match

Because I have faith in TW's service excellecy, I could wait it out.
If I was 1st time TW buyer, I could have been very impatient...
I guess the moral is not to use USPS unless it's significantly cheaper !!!