View Full Version : For sale: PK Redondo midplus 98" 4 1/2" grip

basil J
07-23-2007, 05:14 AM
:) 2 month old Redondo MP in excellent condition. Less than 5 hours of play on it. I have switched the buttcap to a wilson buttcap and changed the leather grip to a cushion grip. I still have both originals and will ship back out with the Frame if you want them. With two kids, I just am not getting out enough to warrant 4 Redondos, so I am selling one of them. This frame is an easy 9/10 condition. I always use head tape and overgrip on all my frames and don't sell any racquets in less than 9/10 condition.
I am asking $90.00 shipped in the US. Money orders only please. If interested email me at : Bpoulakis@ikon.com.
I have excellent references on the board, so buy with confidence.
Thanks for looking.

basil J
07-24-2007, 05:56 AM
Sold. Thanks for looking!