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10-18-2004, 01:29 AM
I think there should be some awards to commemorate the classic moments of the last few years. To post your nominations, copy and paste the list of awards into a new message, and then add a nominee underneath the award. To vote, copy and paste this into an email (superdan_17@hotmail.com). Don't vote till it officially opens. The catergories are:

Best ‘advice-giver’ –
Best thread -
Most Hated poster-
Worst post -
Match of the year -
MIA Award-
Best poster –
Shot of the year –
Biggest ego –
Best call –
Biggest Obsession –
Most forgettable moment –
Poster most likely to be thrown in jail –
Best Signature –
Best online tennis shop -

The nominations close on Friday afternoon (Australian time).

10-18-2004, 01:32 AM
Early thoughts include Gaines Hillix for best advice, along with Bungalo Bill. Deuce should also be an early favorite for quote of the year. In response to 'where do you put your string savers', he replied

"I put mine in my closet. They're too much of a nuisance."


Steve Huff
10-18-2004, 05:23 AM
Biggest obsession has to go to Benjamin for his never-ending racket search. Benjamin, that's not a knock. There are far worse vices.

10-18-2004, 06:49 AM
Best humor in most posts -> Sean O'Rourke

Best stringing advice -> Gaines Hillix

Second to the Obssessive/Compulsive quest -> Benjamin Bishop (not a knock here either)

Most interesting posts -> any one of about 6 guys who post here who regularly string at the big events.

Retro Award -> Deuce

10-18-2004, 07:04 AM
Best ‘advice-giver’ – Bungalo Bill

Best thread - Any thread with good backhand advice

Most Hated poster- Phil

Worst post - mlee's "correctly if I'm wrong post" Nobody knows what that means

match of the year - Federer/Roddick at Wimbledon

MIA Award- Chuck Norris

Best poster – Bungalo Bill

Shot of the year – Federer's backhand winner on Roddick for the Toronto championship

Biggest ego – Bungalo Bill

Best call – Sharapova winning Wimbledon by Tracy Austin

Biggest Obsession – Kevhen wanting to prove Bungalo Bill wrong

Most forgettable moment – Coria's self destruction at Roland Garros

Poster most likely to be thrown in jail – Phil

Best Signature – Rickson

10-18-2004, 10:17 AM
Best unflattering description of an ATP Pro:" Rusedski is hated worldwise even in GB. He has never been fully accepted as a Brit in the UK. Also he is an extreme ****** Bag", as posted by GATSBY007 (no relation to myself).

It's all I can do to keep from laughing out loud when I read this to myself. Try it yourself!

10-18-2004, 11:56 AM
my vote for the most annoying post is anyone who posts " Federer's racquet revealed". they're utterly ridiculous, and a waste of space here, and anywhere else.

Tennis Guy
10-18-2004, 12:24 PM
Best humor in most posts -> Sean O'Rourke
I think humor has to go to the Senator.

10-18-2004, 01:46 PM
quote - pusherman on soda

"Anything short of battery acid is fine once every few weeks"

10-19-2004, 12:22 AM
Reading this thread, and mentioning the 'Thread of the Year' prompted me to recall what is, to this point, perhaps the best thread to ever grace these boards. Actually, it graced the old boards... Unfortunately, it is no longer among the archives, being almost 3 years old. But I have it saved, and so have painstakingly reproduced it here for all of you 'not old' members. There are 37 posts in the thread (the old board graciously numbered every post, unlike this antiseptic board) - so it's not a quick read. Rabbit's offering alone is worth the effort of reading through it, though. The old guys'll remember it - it is truly a classic. (If ever there is an award for best 'copy and paste' job, I humbly nominate myself for making the following more or less readable - I hope it can hold the entire thing.)...

The Way To Wear the Hat Backwards

Quicker Than Thou - 04:46pm Jan 31, 2002 PDT
How do you wear a hat backwards without it sticking up in the front and looking weird? I seem to have that problem anyway.

tommyhaas2 - 08:01pm Jan 31, 2002 PDT (#1 of 37)
I wear my hat backwards during my matches and practice, and it seems to work pretty well for me. First, you have to have a fitted hat, that gives you some style points. I'm not quite sure what you meant by having it stick up in the front and looking weird, could you explain more what you mean?

Kent S. - 08:14pm Jan 31, 2002 PDT (#2 of 37)
C'mon on guys...the backwards baseball cap look is soooo 90's!! ;-)

Deuce - 09:39pm Jan 31, 2002 PDT (#3 of 37)
Kent - please let them go on. This is an early candidate for Thread of the Year.

sean orourke - 04:47am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#4 of 37)
I have that same problem!!! Are there any hats that include a small tag containing "wearing instructions?"

Also, when tying my shoes: should I tie a single or double bow? And, which shoe goes on which foot?Please advise-Thanks.

Camilio Pascual - 06:35am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#5 of 37)
How should bald guys wear hat backwards? Get a rug or temporary tattooo to fill up that blank forehead panel? Permanent tattoo? The left shoe goes on whichever foot is in the mouth of the backwards hat wearing person at any given moment.

Kent S. - 08:16am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#6 of 37)
Sean, Camilio: LOL!

Rabbit - 09:08am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#7 of 37)
You guys should be ashamed, this is a serious question.

To properly wear a baseball cap backwards, the bill should be rotated 180 degrees from the customary position in the front of the face. Rotating the cap thusly gives the wearer a mystique, a sense of being with the "in crowd" as it were.

After rotating the bill, elevation should be considered. Too much elevation and the back (now the front) of the cap begins to impair vision. Not enough elevation and the bill of the cap hinders upward movement of the head, for instance following the graceful arc of a lob is impaired when the bill of the cap hits the upper back. Not enough elevation can also result in painful chafing of the upper back by the bill.

If only slight elevation is desired, one might seek to trim the bill to a length that doesn't hit the back. But, the best solution is to elevate the bill to approximately -12 degrees below the ear lobe. This seems to allow for the greatest freedom of movement.

Some elitits in the backward cap community remove the bill altogether, thereby making a statement. The cap is really transformed into a beanie however and loses the mystique that it once held.

There are several variations on the backwards cap motiff. The first and not as popular today is the 90 degree rotation made famous by Goober of the Andy Griffith show. Goober was a goober and this may have lead to the rapid decline of the sideways look. Also the problem of your ears being different colors is considered a faux paux at most social events. The 90 degree rotation did enjoy a comeback of sorts when the Fresh Prince of Bel Air aired. Jazzy Jeff made the look cool, but when he and the Prince parted ways, it was back to Gooberville for the look.

There is one more new and exciting option in cap-dom. You should follow these instructions very carefully. Grasp the leading edge of the bill of the cap with your dominant hand (for the majority of people, this is the right hand). With both eyes on the leading edge of the bill, raise the cap over your head. Lower the cap so that the edge of the back of the cap begins to contact the back of your head. Slowly, and this is important, slowly begin to move the bill in a downward direction. This will place the bill directly over your eyes and nose, providing protection from both glare and the harsh elements. This also eliminates any problems with rear elevation in the backward mode.

Next week, how to play tennis and not break a nail.

Bud - 09:19am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#8 of 37)
You guys should come to my tennis club. Once a month we have a drill lesson in wearing a hat backward (both technique and strategy)... The class is taught by an experience pro, but you should be our club member to attend, though... :)

Rick Hughes - 09:49am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#9 of 37)
How does Roddick wear his cap backwards? Is it better or worse than Hewitt's reverse cap method? ;-)

Camilio Pascual - 09:57am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#10 of 37)
Rabbit - Yes, this is a serious question and I AM ashamed. I shall try to redeem myself. Wearing the bill to one side is acceptable when the wind is blowing strongly across the court. A windward orientation of the bill will help shield the ear from excessive wind noise, allowing one to hear the ball contact the opponent's strings better. You can also pick out anybody who is making derisive comments so you can have a little post-match talk with them. Flip down shades will also protect against getting a sunburned ear. A double billed hat may be employed when there are swirling winds or to avoid resetting the hat during a changeover. Aerodynamic properties at high wind speeds will overcome the drag factor and allow one to cover the court more quickly with the lift provided by double bills.

Rabbit - 10:06am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#11 of 37)
Camilio - redemption is yours. Thanks for adding such an informative dissertation on the sideways orientation, one that I am not totally familiar with. Down South, we don't allow that type behaviour, not that there's anything wrong with it.....


Camilio Pascual - 10:50am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#12 of 37)
Rabbit - In case y'all come visit us up Nawth you sound like the kind of feller who'd best wear the bill to the left - regardless of wind direction. If'n you wear it to the right - well, we've all seen "Deliverance". For a REAL fun time, wear a double billed hat, but be VERY SURE the left bill is lower AT ALL TIMES. LOL

Raenon - 12:16pm Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#13 of 37)
I believe the "young american" look of turning the cap backwards was originally started by Scotty of the little rascals. Boy that kid was definately before his time. He went for that cute off to the side look to impress all the pretty girls, yet maintained that rough gangsta rapper look to impress the fellas. Buckwheat having seen this look, knew that he could become the greatest Hip Hop artist ever, if only he could just get those darn phonographs to turn the opposite way. After all, he was already a legend for having pioneered ebonics. You can clearly see his early work influencing such child actors like his pal Porkey. Now he would have to get his gang to quit building those damn "boats, fire engines, and soap box derby racers, and invent something more useful-- like 2 turntables and a microphone. He could even make his first record, something like "Def rhymes- Buckwheat style." This was just the beginning, Buckwheat could now be the King of Rap because that east coast / west coast rivalry didn't even exist yet. Hell, he may even get one of those large chunks of land looking for statehood named after him. Then he would be a legend, the man who started it all, the man who would build a fashion empire from nothing. All his dreams, all his glory would hinder on just one insignificant detail...the studio wouldn't let him cut his hair.

Rod - 02:24pm Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#14 of 37)
Please try the Jesper Parnivec Golf Method. Wear the bill in the front, however, bend that mother straight up. This will allow some sun on your face for tanning purposes. The bill back method can give you a nasty sunburn...... and that hurts!

Please be sure to read all instructions that are included with the hat.

Deuce - 05:51pm Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#15 of 37)
Rabbit, that was perhaps the finest literary piece ever to grace these boards.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Funny, funny stuff.

Quicker Than Thou - 07:07pm Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#16 of 37)
wow such interesting and insightful comments. Also, what i was referring to hair being messed up was that the hat would impress this spiky sorta look on my hair when I took it off, which would look stupid sometimes.

jaro - 08:40pm Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#17 of 37)
Try it first with shoes, then try the hat.

Rod - 11:55am Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#18 of 37)
It is so sad to hear that your hair gets messed up when you wear a hat. When playing tennis, you must stop every 4 minutes, drive home, shower and re-do your hair so it always looks nice. I realize this makes a 1 hour match take 12 hours, but nice looking hair is worth the effort.

You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SENT A FREAKIN POST ABOUT YOUR HAIR GETTING MESSED UP AND HOW TO STOP THAT???????????




Quicker Than Thou - 03:15pm Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#19 of 37)
Rod, we should play sometime, I'll whup your ***

mikael valitalo - 05:19pm Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#20 of 37)
THREAD OF THE YEAR! saved on my harddrive

Rod - 06:32pm Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#21 of 37)
But what about your hair?? You would be to upset and worried about it to ever beat a player like me. From your post, I don't think you are too quick, mentally!! Best of luck with your hair.

Raenon - 07:39pm Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#22 of 37)
Whats the matter, no one liked my earlier post???

Rod - 08:02pm Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#23 of 37)
Raenon, your post was amazing. Such hat vs. hair history! It is a constant battle. You give a real hope for these people.

Kent S. - 10:25pm Feb 2, 2002 PDT (#24 of 37)
quicker than thou:

what i was referring to hair being messed up was that the hat would impress this spiky sorta look on my hair when I took it off, which would look stupid sometimes.
The backwards cap looks 'stupid' to begin with--why worry about the hair, too?? ;-)

Quicker Than Thou - 05:55am Feb 3, 2002 PDT (#25 of 37)
Well I guess this isn't a very important thing, and I hardly ever wear the hat backwards, only on days when it is pretty cold and cloudy. But the best solution anyways is to let your hair grow out till you look like a gorilla. Then it doesn't matter anymore

Kent S. - 08:09am Feb 3, 2002 PDT (#26 of 37)
quicker: Of course I'm only teasing you--I'm just an old geezer who doesn't get this backwards-cap look. But seriously, don't you think that the look is kindof "old school" now, since it's been around for so long (almost a decade)?

afung - 10:59am Feb 3, 2002 PDT (#27 of 37)
by the way, IMHO wearing beanie is more effective to protect your hair.

Ace4 - 01:25pm Feb 3, 2002 PDT (#28 of 37)
THIS has to be one of the dumbest posts ever posted on the TW message board.

diredesire - 02:08pm Feb 3, 2002 PDT (#29 of 37)
not the dumbest, but the funniest, i think we should all go out and buy some sort of white/neutral (light) colored beanies. Then, we could all get some nice optic yellow dye and then we can make nice tennis ball beanies, this would be better than the backward hat look I say =D.

Quicker Than Thou - 03:58pm Feb 3, 2002 PDT (#30 of 37)
Why don't we all shave our heads like agassi, or wear a beanie like he used to? Maybe we can start returning like him

sean orourke - 10:34am Feb 4, 2002 PDT (#31 of 37)
Quicker Than Thou: As a supermodel, I can tell you first hand that spiky hair is not a problem. I suggest that you're possibly more concerned with the impressions of others regarding what your hair might look like after removing your hat.

Further, you stated "growing it out till you look like a gorilla?" Dude, what is with that??!! As a supermodel, I can tell you first hand that growing my lustrous tresses long does not render me as a gorilla--though the three rich dowagers who "keep me" do call me "monkey boy!"

Raenon, I'll second Rod's kudos to you for your post. As a supermodel, I found it both entertaining and very funny.

Ace4: you griped (post #28) that this was "one of the dumbest posts ever posted" yet from your (#28 post) position, it's also apparent that you read the other 27 posts. In a way, I guess it's kinda like a Madonna concert or a car crash: it really sucks in and of itself but you take a peek anyway, eh?

Rabbit and Camilio (as usual) touche'

Ace4 - 01:26pm Feb 4, 2002 PDT (#32 of 37)
Sean: I read all of the posts. SO WHAT???? This still is a pretty dumb post.

Rod - 02:52pm Feb 4, 2002 PDT (#33 of 37)
Quicker, I was a bit of a jerk to you in my post. Your post was out in left field and you have taken some heat. No hard feelings, bro. Sorry for the attitude, keep your posts coming.

sean orourke - 05:50am Feb 5, 2002 PDT (#34 of 37)
Ace4: I think my first post (#4) would suggest that this indeed was kind of a dumb discussion as well. But since we were "off and running" we might as well kick it around and so what if we're idiots in doing so....You see, as a supermodel, I must keep it light when discussing anything remotely related to fashion.

I mean, I am after all, a supermodel.

Hey Rabbit, why hasen't "the Queen" weighed in to offer her sage advice relating to properly wearing a hat? Do you think she (in order to cop a hipper look), would wear her tiara backwards?

Rabbit - 06:28am Feb 5, 2002 PDT (#35 of 37)
Careful Sean, you could be banished from the kingdom for such heresy.

sean orourke - 04:56am Feb 6, 2002 PDT (#36 of 37)
Let her have hersay!

Chris Dean - 05:49am Feb 6, 2002 PDT (#37 of 37)
this is the thread of the year, i haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
thanx yall.

10-19-2004, 03:40 AM
The Way To Wear the Hat Backwards

Rabbit - 09:08am Feb 1, 2002 PDT (#7 of 37)
You guys should be ashamed, this is a serious question.

To properly wear a baseball cap backwards, the bill should be rotated 180 degrees from the customary position in the front of the face. Rotating the cap thusly gives the wearer a mystique, a sense of being with the "in crowd" as it were.

Well, I certainly agree with Deuce's assessment of the infamous hat post. Reading it once again reminds me of just how pertinent and spot on Rabbit's advice was. Now if I could figure out how to keep my shades from sliding down my nose, I'd be set to go.

10-19-2004, 04:38 AM
Please, please.....I'd like to thank the Academy for bestowing this honor upon me. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.

Morpheus, Morpheus....the question of glasses sliding down the nose is solved by the newspaper. Take the rubber band off the newspaper and secure the legs of your glasses with it. It might be painful at first, but once the rubber band pulls all the hair out of the back of your head, leaving a clean bald path between the two arms of the sunglasses, all of your problems will be solved.

With a nod to Deuce....

10-19-2004, 06:06 AM
thanks for the classic...well before my time. and morpheus, it is not possible to keep the shades from slidin', but installing the Optigrab makes it so much easier to and kinder to the shades to get them back in place..there is a danger however, of crosseyedness from using this device.

10-19-2004, 08:40 AM
Morph, have you ever caught yourself saying "Damn these glasses!"? You are definitely a potential Optigrab user. Don't listen to what Carl Reiner says.

10-19-2004, 08:41 AM
Rabbit, what about contacts that won't stay put?

10-19-2004, 09:03 AM
Rabbit, what about contacts that won't stay put?

@wright: You might try applying some of that Post-It adhesive. It works pretty well for office applications and doesn't seem to leave any residue on my monitor glass.

Rabbit: My shades are a bit of a statement and, as such, I am not inclined to use a rubber band. Besides, my shades don't have legs.

As you can see in this recent photo, I have a high need to achieve a certain look--the optigrap may work, but these things grab my nose pretty tightly as it is. Maybe some Post-It adhesive?


10-19-2004, 09:41 AM
I have the answer to both problems. You have one of two choices:

a) Staples would work in either situation

or, for a more high tech, less intrusive situation

b) Super Glue

barring that, as anyone from the South would know, duct tape works in all situations.

10-19-2004, 11:35 AM
So duct tape works with your body as well as car-repair in a jam?

One more question: Is it better to sit down during changeovers, or remain standing?

10-20-2004, 03:51 AM
One more question: Is it better to sit down during changeovers, or remain standing?

That would all depend on whether there are benches on court or not.

10-20-2004, 06:08 AM
Well if there are benches, is it better to just pop a squat?

10-24-2004, 06:18 AM
Rickson - Aw, poor little baby still upset? As for your "signature" if there's a category for creepiest or most blaherotic, then yes, you would be well within your rights to nominate yourself.

I vote for YOU as best "advice giver", with your all-of-14-months of tennis experience.

10-24-2004, 06:53 AM
I vote for YOU as best "advice giver", with your all-of-14-months of tennis experience.
Phil, I knew you liked my advice, but I didn't know you liked it this much. I accept your nomination as the best advice giver and if you have any questions for me, I'll be posting in the tennis tips section, giving out great advice.

Gaines Hillix
10-27-2004, 08:40 AM
Got to hand it to Rabbit, that was and still is a classic! I'd like to see him to do a piece based on this for The Tennis Channel! It could use some good tennis related humor, right?!

Gaines Hillix
10-27-2004, 08:48 AM
One more question: Is it better to sit down during changeovers, or remain standing?

That would all depend on whether there are benches on court or not.

All depends on whether the bench is being held together with duct tape :-).

Radical Shot
10-27-2004, 11:26 PM
Best sig goes to perfmode for those groovy superhero dancer. Mesmerizing stuff.
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