View Full Version : Ladies Game. Less strength in depth?

08-13-2007, 01:49 AM
As some of you know I have an interest in devloping and maintaining my own rating sytem for the top players both of now and historically.

The system should have a sound basis in probability theory and as such removes the need for arbitary weightings etc in relation to various results.

I'm a little concerned at the moment that the data being produced show the top women achieveing higher p values (ratings) than the men and this then dropping away more quickly as you move down the ratings.

This is indicative either of a problem within the algorythms used or representative that the ladies game is less competitive and has less strength in depth.

My question is, is it likely that the ladies game has less strength in depth than the men's game not just at the moment but historically or do I need to worry about the difference in distribution of the p values.

Thanks :)