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Ryoma Kun
10-21-2004, 08:31 PM
right now i use ti-mo and love it, but a lil extra power wouldnt hurt.

would using alu in my crosses give me more power (sorry i like my 18g ti-mo in mains, cant switchem).

2nd question, does alu rough give as much spin potential as 18 or even 17g ti-mo?

if u couldnt tell i like spin..... :D i also like the way luxilon strings play,ive used both ti-mo and alu. any other reccomendations would be appreciated, thanks

Gaines Hillix
10-22-2004, 05:40 AM
I have never done a hybrid of Lux strings and don't recall anyone else on here doing it either. I don't think there is enough difference between the two you mention to achieve what you're looking for. Some people will use nat gut in the crosses with Lux mains. A softer, more powerful multi would also do the trick.

joe sch
10-22-2004, 06:52 AM
A natural gut & lux blend is the answer ! Why do you think many ATP tour pros use these hybrids ? More power & touch. You will still get more than enough control considering it good enough for a high percentage of the ATP players. I personally love such hybrids and would not consider blending natural gut with anything other than polys

10-22-2004, 07:05 AM
I used a TIMO/Natural gut hybird for a while. It worked great, softened the string job up considerably. I went back to an all-TIMO job because I got more control out of it. If you're going to try a hybrid, put TIMO in the mains and try something like NXT in the crosses. If you like that, then I'd say step up to gut. Or, if you want to try gut, try some Bow or BDE. I wouldn't spend a ton of money on the crosses and really think you won't be able to tell the difference between a good mutli and natural gut in this set up.

I would recommend stringing the crosses at the same tension as the TIMO, not less.

Ryoma Kun
10-23-2004, 09:52 AM
i have 1 of my racquets with gut mains and ti-mo crosses. plays great but i love the crisp feeling of all ti-mo.

you think maybe NRG2 would be more like a luxilon feel than gut and give me power?