View Full Version : Can a case be made for the PT 630 = MP Prestige?

08-13-2007, 06:43 PM
I got to thinking after reading a few Prestige threads. I'm not aware of an original MP Prestige - except for the 660 which i think is a little larger than what a MidPlus would have been considered in the early 90's.

Each generation of Prestige has come out with a MP version since the Intelligence series.

Can a case be made for the Pro Tour model to be thought of as a MP Prestige. I recently got to hit again with both frames and they are very similar - probably a lot moreso than many other Mid/MidPlus siblings (the RDX 500, the Diablo etc). I thought the Pro Tour was a little more flexible and perhaps slightly head heavier (I was using a 630 with full CAP), but the differences weren't large at all and I thought I'd have little difficulty moving between them if i needed to.

Just wanted to pose this question to the board members with more experience and knowledge than me.

Beautiful frames BTW - I last compared them many years ago and had forgotten how nicely they hit. The 630 especially - very very nice!