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08-15-2007, 03:06 PM
I was wondering about this racket - http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpageRCYONEX-RD80.html

Am I correct that it was produced in two different colour schemes but the specs stayed exactly the same? Was the paint finish/texture the same on both rackets?

Did the static weight vary according to grip size like some of the other yonex's? (The UL/SL thing)..

Also this might be a daft question but are the specs on the TW page taken when the racket is strung or unstrung?


08-16-2007, 09:03 AM
TW specs are strung. TW takes several racquet, specs them and takes their averages.


In D Zone
08-16-2007, 09:09 AM
There were 2 color scheme for ti80, pics first version (see attached). The specs are identical. I only have the new version (red / blue).

http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/7527/ti80fv1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/8504/ti802rv0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

UL is lighter in weight 300 / 319g (L1,2)
SL weights between 320 / 339g (L3,4,5)

08-16-2007, 09:37 AM
I used to use the TI-80. When the red version came out a couple years ago, I called the Yonex customer support number and asked them if the specs were changed. They told me the specs were the same and the changes were only cosmetic. I bought a red one. Maybe it was just my imagination or maybe it was manufacturing variance but I thought the red one was slightly more head heavy than my original TI-80. I didn't test the balance and like I said, maybe it was just my imagination.

08-16-2007, 11:24 AM
Thanks for all the posts! From a purely cosmetic standpoint I think the blue and red version looks better though i've only seen the images on google etc.

08-16-2007, 05:44 PM
i have the older version. and have hit with the new version.

I think the new ones are a little lighter....

and i like the old paint job a lot more.

08-16-2007, 08:10 PM
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08-18-2007, 06:09 AM
I think I read for the ultimum the UL is for grips 1,2 and 3 and SL is for 4 and 5. Why do they do this crap? I might look elsewhere