View Full Version : OK scrap my last post.

08-16-2007, 06:29 PM

I recently wrote a post asking for advice on how to hit with deep, super topspin, and I've decided to scrap that idea because there are way too many mis-hits from putting extreme topspin which hurts my body, and I'm not quite in shape yet to play with the demanding full western.

So, I was wondering how to hit flat penetrating shots. Right now, I know there might be something wrong with my footwork because I can feel myself sometimes taking the ball late, but I was wondering how the follow through of a flat shot should look like. The problem I have is that I somehow cannot keep the ball from sailing long even if I hit at pusher speeds, so I was wondering if this is possibly because I am swinging too low to high perhaps, or basically where should I follow through to in order to get depth (not necessarily pace, but depth). Its really frustrating because my forehand is so inconsistent right now that even when I try to push with it, it sails long. I've tried tightening up tension, so I know its not the racket, but really, what should a good open stance forehand stroke look like? Do you have a video of a pro hitting it?

Also, what can I do to make myself hit earlier? I'm able to do it on the backhand fairly easily when I think about it, but even when I tell myself to on the FH, it never works, and I take it late. This could be part of it, so any tips there?